Air Source Heat Pumps

An air source heat pump works much like a fridge, only it’s in reverse so it heats your home. Outside air is blown over a network of tubes filled with a refrigerant. This warms up the refrigerant and it turns from a liquid into a gas. The refrigerant transfers its heat to water, making it warm. This warm water is send around your radiators or underfloor heating just like a conventional gas or oil system would, heating your home.

Receive up to £11,500 tax free in Renewable Heat Incentive payments

Use electricity to heat your home rather than gas or oil

Use solar and batteries to supply electricity to the air source heat pump for even cheaper running costs

Reduce your carbon contribution drastically

We have seen an enormous uptake in air source heat pump installations in the last year mainly due to the fruitious Renewable Heat Incentive. This incentive was due to finish April 2021 and was extended for 12 months.

If you’re considering an air source heat pump, there has never been a better time to capitalise on the generous Renewable Heat Incentive currently available

Heat pump installation

Our Process


Initial Consultation

Get in touch with a member of the team and one of our renewable energy experts will discuss your enquiry in more detail. 


Arrange Heat Loss Survey

Your account manager will arrange for a heat loss survey to be completed. An independent and accredited surveyor takes a variety of measurements which helps specify equipment and necessary works.


Receive Your Quote and Proposal

Once we have received the survey data, we provide a quote for the installation, RHI payment projections and all the new system information. Digest everything in your own time without any pressure.


Pre-installation Survey

Our in house leading heat pump engineer will come to the property to discuss heat pump location, assess pipe routes and ensure the installation goes smoothly start to finish.


Heat Your Home and Receive Your RHI Payments

Heat your home with your low energy heat pump, start saving and begin receiving up to £12,000 tax free in RHI payments.



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Heat Pumps we’ve installed at properties across the UK

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